What You Need To Know!


  • It is advised to acclimatize to swimming in the open water before taking part in an open water event.
  • The water temperature can vary from eight degrees Celsius to fourteen degrees Celsius.
  • Hypothermia is one of the most serious dangers of open water swimming, it is important to educate yourself on its symptoms before trying your first open water swim. Symptoms and signs of the onset of hypothermia can be difficult to recognise if not self-aware, they include: bouts of shivering, disorientation, irrational behavior, blueness of the lips, inability to concentrate or co-ordinate speech, and inability to respond to simple requests or questions. If you find yourself very cold while swimming, do not continue. Raise your hand and the rescue boats will assist you. Remember, your life is a lot more important than an open water swim!
  • Educate yourself and do not push beyond your limits.
  • Parents or Guardians of Swimmers under 18 year of age on 7th August 2016 should exercise caution in supporting their child's wish to swim in the open water and should talk to their child's swimming club coach and their family doctor before giving consent by signing our Swimmers Declaration.


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